Paul Goodwin – Director

Paul has been running around the world with a camera in his hands for 15 years. He co-founded Stanton Media in 2000, and working for various clients he has divided his time between shooting and editing documentary promos on every subject; from coffee farmers in Costa Rica, to classical pianists in Steinway & Sons. For fun he plays guitar for Supervisor, reads comics and eats crispy chilli beef. His favourite 2000AD character (today) is Nemesis The Warlock. Credo!

Sean Hogan - Producer

Based in London, Sean is the writer/director of THE DEVIL'S BUSINESS (2011), LIE STILL (2005), and a segment of the anthology film LITTLE DEATHS (2010). He also scripted a couple of other films that he’s still trying to forget were ever made. Most recently, he co-wrote and directed the portmanteau horror play THE HALLOWE'EN SESSIONS, which enjoyed a sell-out run in London's West End. In addition, he contributes to whenever the mood strikes him. He is currently developing a number of projects, including work for film, theatre and audio. Although he’s trying to cut back, as it tends to interfere with his drinking.

Helen Mullane - Producer

Development Executive Helen Mullane worked at Optimum Releasing as Product Manager managing large-scale campaigns for films such as IN THE LOOP and UNKNOWN as well as all Home Entertainment campaigns for the prestigious Studio Ghibli. Studio Canal broadened Helen’s role to encompass dual disciplines of Marketing and Acquisitions. Helen worked for Scott Free Films on BRITAIN IN A DAY, as Project Manager for the TERRACOTTA FAR EAST and HONG KONG 15 Film Festivals and Development Executive for Caterpillar Television and for writer director Chris Smith.

Stanton Media - Producers

Stanton Media have been producing all sorts of short films, documentaries and animations for over a decade.  Based in London & Buckinghamshire, the three partners: Paul Goodwin, Nick Harwood & James Jefferies-Hinson have been turning their skills and passion towards more personal projects in recent times, Paul’s particular love of comics being the driving force behind FUTURE SHOCK!  








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